Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Icecream Falooda


1. Falooda sev 1 packet
2. Strawberry jelly 1 packet
3. Mango jelly 1 packet
4. Tukmaria seeds 2 tbs
5. Milk as per requirement
6. Vanila icecream 2-3 scoops
7. Strawberry icecream for topping
8. Cashewnuts 8-10
9. Almonds 8-10
10. Pistachios 8-10
11. Roohafza as per requirement


1:Soak tukmaria seeds overnight and leave aside.
2:Boil falooda sev for 5-10 mins,once they are done drain them and put it in a bowl of cold water.
3:Prepare both the jellies according to the packet instructions,once that is done cool it in room temperature for atleast 40-45 mins,then freeze them for atleast 3-4 hours,once this is done u can cut the jelly into small small pieces.
4:Now blend the milk with vanila icecream

Now comes the serving part

1:Put roohafza as the first layer in the glass
2:then comes the falooda sev as the second layer
3:followed by tukmaria seeds.
4:once tht is done add mango or strawberry jelly,one at a time
5:now add the the vanila flavored milk,with one of the jelly pieces as topping
6:garnish with a scoop of strawberry icecream and chopped dryfruits

Tip:u can use jelly according to ur requirement,u dont have to use the whole packet at one time.

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  1. oye hoye,, kamaal hich ho gaya,,
    I assume yeh jo foto's khaane ka daaala hai tumne yeh khud banaya hai... tats really cool..
    i will certainly be interested in taking a lot of items from ur list...
    sahi hai,, no wonder hanif isnt eating out these days...