Monday, August 3, 2009

Cheese Sausages


1. Boiled Potatoes 2 nos
2. Peanuts crushed coarsely 1 cup
3. Grated carrots 1/2 cup
4. Grated capsicum 1/2 cup
5. Onion 1 small
6. Egg 1 nos
7. Black Pepper 3-4 pinches
8. Salt as per required
9. Bread crumbs as per required
10. Green chillies 2-3 finely chopped
11. Oil for frying
12. Mixed Cheese as per need


1. Mash the boil potaotes and add black pepper and salt to it.
2. In a pan add 2 tbsp oil and add the finely sliced onions and saute until transparent
3. Now add grated carrots, capsicum and sauteed onions to the mashed potaotes and check the salt at this stage.
4. Make equal sized balls
5. Take a ball, faltten it a little bit and add the cheese. Close the edges and press them with your palms to give it a sausage shape. Similarly make all the sausages
6. Whisk an egg and dip these sausages into the egg mixture, and roll them on the bread crumbs.
7. Repeat the same procedure for all the sausages
8. Now Again dip these sausages in the whisked eggs and roll them onto roughly crushed peanuts

9. Repeat the same for all the sausages.
10. Once all the sauges are done refrigerate it for atleast 5-6 hours, so that the sausages becomes firm and it doesnt break while frying
11. Heat oil in a vessel on medium flame and fry these sausages untill golden brown.
12. Serve hot with any sauce of your choice

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  1. That is delicious! I can't wait to try this!I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add your choice of foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much Alisa....

  3. Hello Sana! I found this blog in foodista and followed it here. This is a lovely blog and awesome Cheese Sausage recipe. Reminds me of mom's recipe and it was superb. By the way you can place more foodista widget in your past and future blogs so that other foodista readers can follow and see your blog too. I hope to read more from you. Cheers!