Thursday, June 11, 2009

Egg Biryani

1. Basmati Rice 2 cups(soaked for atleast 3 hours)
2. Eggs 4
3. Onions 2
4. Mint Leaves chopped 1/4 cup
5. Green Coriander chopped 1/4 cup
6. Cloves 5
7. Cinnamon sticks 4-5 small sticks
8. Star Anise 1
9. Black cardamoms 2
10. Green Cardamoms 4
11. Shah Zeera(black zeera) 1/2 tsp
12. Bay Leaves 4
13. Saffron soaked in 1/2 cup milk
14. Tomatoes 3 finely chopped
15. Green chillies 4
16. Red chilli powder 1 tsp
17. Dhaniya 1 tsp
18. Ginger Garlic paste 1tbsp
19. Garam Masala Powder 1/2 tsp
20. Turmeric Powder a pinch
21. Yogurt 3 tbsp
22. Salt

1. Finely slice the onions and in a pot boil the eggs
2. Add oil in a pan and fry the onions till it turns golden brown and set aside
3. In the same oil add cloves, bay leaves, green cardamoms, black cardamoms, star anise, and cinnamon sticks and fry till it splutters. Remove them from oil and set aside
4. In the same oil add the green chillies, tomatoes, ginger garlic paste, salt mix well and let it cook on low flame till all the tomatoes softens and becomes a pulp
5. Now add red chilli powder, dhaniya powder, yogurt, garam masala, mint leaves and green coriander leaves
6. Mix all these together and cook for a few more minutes and set aside
7. In a vessel add enough water and all the fried (khada) garam masala in the water along with some mint leaves and salt and bring it to a boil
8. Add the rice into the boiling water and cook till the rice is boiled, drain the rice in a strainer and set aside
9. In a heavy bottomed pan add a little oil or ghee and half of the boiled rice then place all the boiled eggs on the rice and pour the tomato masala all over it and sprinkle half of the fried onions
10. Top it up with the remaining rice sprinkle the remaining fried onions, garnish it with a lil mint leaves and pour the saffron milk
11. Cover the vessel and cook on dum till done.
12. Serve hot with any raita of your choice


  1. Wow love your blog!!! The recipes are wonderful and some are very unique eg the bread pudding, dal the writing style as well!
    Keep up the good work!!:-)

  2. egg biyani.....uummmm realy good...even u r giving veg and nonveg recipe..this is cool...i love that all .:)